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May 9 Blog/Cover Letter

I have really enjoyed English 110 this semester. Not only do I feel like I have learned a lot in the class, I also enjoyed it. Many classes I have taken have been boring and not relevant, however English 110 was neither of these things. One of the most important things I learned in English this semester was PIE paragraphs. I know this is something I will be using throughout the rest of college and possibly in my future career, not just in English. Writing has not always been easy, but the way you taught how to write PIE paragraphs made it much more simple and straightforward. I already used many of the methods you taught us in my writing for other classes and I know I will continue to do so. In addition to the writing, the information presented in English 110 was interesting and thought provoking. As a freshman in college, it was very important to begin thinking about the importance of college and the way it is represented in American culture. English 110 enabled me to think about why I am in college and realize how important my college education is. Another part of English 110 I though was specifically important was the last essay we wrote. I thought it was very helpful that you helped the students begin our personal statements for scholarships and future uses as well. Many students, including myself, had not yet started a Personal Statement and having this as a requirement helped me to start doing so. Your comments and input regarding these essays (specifically the last essay) were clear, thoughtful and very helpful. Thank you for all your help!


Blog from May 7 (classmate’s media)

I like the way this video portrays college in a fun and entertaining way. The people in this flashmob incorporated what college is like into the words of a song and a dance. The way college is explained in this video goes along with many of the representations of American colleges. They talk about partying and having fun and studying all night. This is an example of how much the classic representation of college has on the American population.

This video shows another representation Americans have about people’s appearances. It shows how they take an ‘ordinary’ looking person and change almost everything about her to make her look ‘prettier’. People who see advertisements on the street don’t know what has been done to the faces and assume that the models look like that naturally.



The movie Accepted, is another college movie although it is not realistic and very exaggerated. The students that represent American college students are all partying and doing other things people often associated with college. In addition, most of the girls fit what most people would consider to be a ‘beautiful’ person. This is an example of a movie in which we can see many American stereotypes and representations.



I chose this video because I believe that cheating in college is an even bigger problem than cheating in high school or before. When students try to cheat in high school they are trying to fool the teacher. When they cheat in college they are cheating themselves. The material you learn in college is often connected to what the student will be doing in the future. If the student is not interested in studying the material or does not know the material, that will negatively affect his future career.


This picture represents one of the many cliques around QC. Students often form cliques based on things that make others similar to themselves. While many say that college is about meeting new people, the formation of cliques often hinders this. Students feel more comfortable with others who are similar to them, therefore choosing to interact with these people.




Technology Distractions


This video shows how distracted and obsessed people are with technology today. Both of the boys in the video are looking at their cell phones the whole time and not paying attention to what is going on around them. When they bump into each other or other things the first thing they do is look to make sure their cell phone is still working. Both of the boys in this video look like they are relatively young, which emphasizes that it is the younger generations who are more distracted by technology and not the older generations.

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