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My Merits

There are many attributes a student may have that would make he or she stand out to receive a scholarship. Some scholarships are based on a student’s grades, while others are based on other factors such as extra curricular activities, job experience or future goals. However, no matter what the scholarship is based on, I believe that a student needs a few basic, but very important, merits.These include being hard working, motivated and having a goal that one is trying to achieve. The reason I think these are so important is because I have found that these three merits have helped me significantly all throughout my school years. I have always been a very hard working student and have been willing to work as hard as needed in order to succeed. I was never lazy when it came to school work, and no matter how difficult a course or a specific assignment was, I put in a lot of hard work in order to accomplish what was needed. Along with hard working, comes being very motivated. In my opinion, a student who is hard working will also be a motivated student. Throughout school, I have always been very motivated to do well and reach the next level in my schooling. This motivation enabled me to work as hard as I have, because it gave me something to work for. Being able to study hard for a test or spend a lot of time on a given assignment and then receive a good grade further motivated me to continue in this way for future assignments. Lastly, having an ultimate goal to reach has always been very important and helpful for me as well. My goals were always changing throughout school, since I was always progressing and getting to the next level. For example, as a freshman and sophomore in high school, I was focused on doing well in school for that period of time. As I became a junior, my goals shifted to doing well on the SATs and focusing on college. Having a goal at every stage helped increase my motivation and ultimately helped me to work that much harder. These three merits, being hard working, motivated and having a goal to reach, are closely related and together helped me achieve all that I have.


Favorite Classes at Queens College

Being a freshman, I have not yet taken such a large number of classes at Queens College. Although, in the few classes that I have taken, my favorite one was a class on the history of the Holocaust. I was always more of a ‘math and science student’, so taking a history class on a topic that relates to my family specifically was very interesting. I had always learned about the Holocaust in a more ‘informal’ way, from relatives and friends who had survived the war. Taking a college course on the Holocaust, increased my knowledge of the Holocaust and taught me the more historical side of the war. While my favorite class so far at Queens College has been a history class, in high school I enjoyed the math and science classes more than my history classes. My favorite high school course was my physics class in eleventh grade. I had never taken physics before and went in with basically no previous knowledge of the subject. I had always enjoyed math and since math was the basis for most of physics, I enjoyed it as well. In addition, while I was able to understand the material and concepts it was still a challenging course for me. Although I have not declared my major yet and am still undecided, I am strongly considering the engineering program. One of the main factors in my considering engineering as a future career is my high school physics class and how much I liked the material. I look forward to taking the basic classes for the program next semester to help me decide if I want to continue on with engineering. I look forward to taking math 151 (calculus) and physics 145 next semester, although I do not yet know the professors that will be instructing these courses. These two classes are the beginning of the engineering program and will help me to determine if I am interested in continuing with the program.


Hope on the Rez

This video shows a group of people standing up for what they believe in and working in order to make sure they can survive. The Native Americans living on reservations live a very different life than the average American and often face many more hardships than the average American. Many of them suffer from alcohol and drug abuse and even physical abuse. In addition, money is often a large problem and holds many of these Native Americans back from getting a formal education. Without the Indian Colleges on their reservations, formal education would be almost impossible for many of these people. Many of these people would not leave their reservation in order to go to college, but since they now have schools on their reservations they are able to get a degree and ultimately a job. The video said that by going to college, these people are trying to pass on their traditions to the children and ensure that their people continue to live in the way they have been living. This is a very different view than most people have when going to college. The Native Americans go to college in order to learn something that will help them get a job to give back to their reservation and their people. Most Americans going to college just want to graduate with a degree and make as much money as possible to support their families. While the Native Americans want this as well, they are much more focused on helping their tribe and reservation than the average American. They feel a much stronger connection and responsibility to their people than others do to the people around them. The Native Americans on the reservations have a common goal of trying to preserve their language, culture and traditions and their way of doing this is by attending college. In addition, those going to college on the reservation not only want to preserve the life they are living, but want to better it for the future. They believe that by going to college and studying what they study they will bring change and better reservation life. The Native Americans have realized that their way of life was facing significant problems and have acted in order to change this. By creating these college on the reservations they are trying to end the problems of abuse and of lack of money and improve this way of living for the future.


Racism in the USA

In the video “A Girl Like Me”, an African American girl shows how there is still a significant amount of racism in America. She repeats an experiment done on African American children in the 1950s, and gets similar results. Many people think that there is no longer racism in the U.S., or if there is it is only among a small minority of the population, but this video shows otherwise. People assume that since they don’t necessarily feel the racism around them it is no longer there. For many it takes until they see a video like this one to realize that there is still a significant amount of racism in the U.S. Depending on where one lives, he or she might be more or less aware of this. The children that participated in this experiment show that despite what others might think, they still feel the racism in this country. The video does not specify where in the USA these children live, and this could have a large effect on the way they view race. Depending on where the children lived throughout the country, could have had a large effect on the way they viewed race. If all the children were from one area where racism was very evident the experiment might not be as telling about racism in America as it would have been if the children were from many different parts of the country.


A Girl Like Me

The video “A Girl Like Me” stresses how despite what many people might think, there is still a significant amount of racism in America. While this racism might not be outright and obvious in everyday culture, it still exists in different noticeable ways. The fact that the young woman in this video did a similar experiment to one that was done in the 1950s and got similar results is proof of the fact that the view of African Americans has not improved as much as it could have. The overall results of her experiment were very surprising, as African American children were displaying racism against their own race as opposed to whites discriminating against blacks. While the whole experiment was shocking, the most shocking part was when the experimenter asked the little girl which doll was the ‘nice doll’ and the girl responded by pointing to the white doll. She was then asked which doll she looked more like and after some hesitation pointed to the black doll. This shows that these children, even at such a young age, are aware of racism and which race they are a part of. Since these children are noticing such things as such a young age, it shows that there has not been a significant change in the way Americans and American culture views the African American population. In addition, the fact that these children are so young shows that their view of their race and racism in general must come from the way their parents act and the way they are treated by those around them. At such a young age, they most likely have not yet been influenced by American media, so their racist ideas must come from those around them.


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