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First post-Why am I in College?

I am in college because it is important to continue my education past high school. In college, you learn many subjects you were not exposed to in high school or before that are very important to know. College exposes you to many subjects you were not exposed to before and by learning these topics you become a more educated and worldly person. In addition, the learning and people you are exposed to in college make you a more tolerant person. For example, by taking a comparative religion class and learning about religions other than your own, you become more knowledgeable and tolerant of those who follow a different religion than you do. College also helps you figure out what your interests are and what you might want to pursue as a career. By having requirements in a wide variety of areas of study you learn about new subjects that could possibly lead to a future career. Without college, you don’t have the opportunity to continue learning and exploring, both things which help you to mature and become a more sophisticated person.

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